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Nobody beside You.

There will never be anyone, anything like You.

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Two are better than one…if either of them falls down, one can help the other up… Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, NIV.

God likes two together. The Bible says in Matthew 18 that there is power when two or more pray in agreement. One can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight! Where there are two or more gathered in His name, God is there. And just like Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs of two to fulfill their mission, God will send a friend or partner to come along side you to help you fulfill your life’s mission.

You may not see that special friend or partner right now; but remember, you are never alone because you and God are a majority. Why don’t you step out and be that friend that someone needs today. Is there someone in your life that you can reach out to and offer encouragement and support? Can you be that friend that helps someone when they fall? Sometimes a simple phone call or note of encouragement is all it takes. Be willing to support your friends. Get behind their dreams and encourage them to press forward. As you sow those seeds of hope and faith, God will bring people in your life to encourage you, too, and you’ll move forward in victory all the days of your life.

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When you read the books of the Bible


Without the proper historical/cultural context…


With the right context…


Especially the Prophetic books and Revelation. If you don’t understand the context, you will be totally lost.

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In chemistry:

He turned water into wine;

In biology:

was born without the normal conception;

In physics:

denied the law of gravity when He ascended into heaven;

In economics:

He multiplied five loaves and two fishes to feed 5000 people

In medicine:

healed the sick and the blind without administering any drug dose;

In history:

He is the PRINCIPLE, MEANS and the END;

In government:

he was called Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, King of Kings and Lord of Lords;

In religion:

He is the way, the truth, the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.